Intelligent Lift assist devices

The Intelligent Lift Assist Devices INDEVA  automatically balance the weight of the load every hundredth of a second, therefore in case of accidental loss of the load, the Liftronic manipulator remains still, unlike the pneumatic manipulator which jerks dangerously upwards implying serious hazard for the operator.

The UP/DOWN movements are electronically controlled and during the first centimeters of the detachment of the load from its support, the manipulator starts softly and then accelerates; these parameters can be adjusted to optimally adapt each movement of the manipulator to the needs of the operator and/or the work cycle. All this leads to a significant efficiency increase.

A Liftronic manipulator can be up to eight times faster than a hoist.

A Liftronic fits perfectly into an Industry 4.0 organization, as the onboard electronics are already set up to interface with the customer’s management system via a simple gateway.

  • Extremely safe
  • An extension of the Human arm
  • Faster than a hoist
  • Industry 4.0