Automatic weight sensing in real time and automatic weight balancing in real time

Thanks to the automatic  weight sensing and auto balancing technology the INDEVA manipulators allows you to handle  loads of different weights or loads with changing weight (e.g.: bags being emptied)  without any system adjustment or presetting.

An INDEVA manipulator moves as fast or as slow as the operator decides, using fingertip control with minimal effort and instant response.

Thanks to the electronic control an INDEVA allows for precise and coordinated movements, with accurate load placement, so reducing the risk of load damage and stress for the operator.

The use of an INDEVA electronic manipulator increases productivity and improves ergonomics and safety. In fact, to effectively improve operator wellness and achieve ergonomic safe handling operations, it is necessary that the manipulator eliminates not only the strain during load lifting (along the vertical axis), but also the inertia during acceleration, braking or direction changes.

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Watch other videos showing the automatic weight sensing and balancing feature for precise load handling and placement