INDEVA® HOIST redefines the Standard of Excellence of traditional hoists

Scaglia Indeva is proud to present the INDEVA® Hoist, designed to improve ease of use and safety for the operator, as well as overall productivity compared to traditional hoists.

Compared to traditional hoists, it definitely provides greater ergonomics for the operator, who does not have to press and keep pressing any buttons for up/down movements or for choosing a different lifting speed.

Simply grasp the sensitive handle and move the gripped load up or down. The handle detects your intention to accelerate or slow down the movement and automatically and gradually activates a different speed, allowing a smoother movement and less load sway.

2 Models available:

Safety above all

INDEVA® Hoist is equipped with safety devices that safeguard both the operator and the lifted load:

  •  the brake activates instantly when the operator leaves the handle to move away from the hoist, as well as in the event of a power failure or pressing the STOP or Emergency button.
  •  in the event of prolonged use, a thermal protection device locks the motor to prevent overheating, but allows controlled descent until the gripped load is resting on a secure support.
  • when the operator leaves the handle for more than 5 minutes, the system always goes into stand-by mode and the start button must be pressed to reactivate it: this is a safety setting to prevent the hoist from being inadvertently restarted.
  • the STOP and RESTART button is also equipped with light signals of 3 different colours in addition to the flashing light to indicate machine status including emergency status or operational stop.
  • Safe and reliable brake structure: the braking system with a mobile core by magnetic attraction is extremely safe.


The motion control system using a sensing handle makes the task more ergonomic for the operator, who does not have to keep buttons pressed, thus avoiding the risk of carpal tunnel inflammation.

The use of the variable speed inverter allows smoother movement than the pole-switchable motor and a significant reduction in load bounce and oscillation. The switch from high to low speed is activated by the sensing handle, which senses the operator’s input, with no buttons to press, and occurs gradually, allowing smooth starts, low-speed stops, and more precise positioning of the load.
The greater fluidity of movement compared to traditional hoists translates into increased ergonomics and well-being for the operator.

Indeva Hoist sensing handle

Environment friendly

Absence of hazardous substances: in compliance with the focus on environmental sustainability that Scaglia INDEVA places on all its production processes and products, no substances considered hazardous as listed in the European ROHS Directive are used for INDEVA Hoist either.

Maintenance & Durability

INDEVA® Hoist is designed for durability and easy maintenance

The INDEVA® Hoist chain is electrolytically treated with nickel and provides significantly higher corrosion and fatigue resistance than electro-galvanised chains. In particular, resistance to corrosion and wear in the absence of lubrication is superior. The nickel surface treatment has also eliminated the problem of hydrogen embrittlement that can occur during the electro-galvanising process.

Simple diagnostics

On the tool head in addition to the emergency button there are light signals with 3 different colours and flashing mode to signal machine status, calibration request, etc; to calibrate the handle simply press the emergency button, then press the restart button for 2 seconds, and when the button lights up again, the procedure is complete.

Main Features

INDEVA Hoist is made with high-quality components and innovative features to ensure safety and ergonomics for the operator, as well as increased production efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Control Tool Head

Ergonomic and compact design that allows wide visibility of the working area.
On the head is an emergency button, a luminous stop and restart button capable of generating light signals of 3 different colours and a flashing mode to signal machine status.

Lift Motor

The motor is made according to FEM class 2m with a voltage of 400 V 50hz. The degree of protection is IP54. The motor’s braking system is an electromechanical spring type with 103 V DC. The machine must work in a vapor-free indoor environment; for other environments or outdoor service, ask INDEVA technicians for advice.

The Reducer

IH 500: the reducer is composed of helical toothed gears, this allows a progressive distribution of the forces on the tooth and, at the same time a reduced operating noise. These components have undergone heat treatments to ensure high mechanical and wear resistance.

IH1000: the reducer is of the coaxial cylindrical gear type and is designed in such a way that the speed of the hoist can be easily varied by increasing or decreasing the size of the components (gears).
The gearbox, made of high-resistance steel, undergoes hardening and case-hardening heat treatments and, mounted on shafts with rotating bearings in an oil bath, guarantees a long service life.

Load and stroke limiters

Weight limiter

The hoists are equipped with a clutch, the setting of which prevents the load from exceeding the rated capacity. The clutch also intervenes in the event of an overrun with the lifting hook; the hoist clutch is set at 30% of the rated capacity.

Stroke limiters

The hoists are equipped with up and down stroke limiters, which limit the maximum up and down stroke. They consist of two microswitches acting on the motor control circuit.

Electric Control Panels

Manufactured as standard per CEI-EN 60204, they are built to INDEVA’s design, with a RAL 1018 painted steel box with seals to ensure IP54 protection. Control management is in low voltage at 24V

Load Hook

The hook is moulded from high-resistance material and calculated to withstand overloading (if used correctly). The safety latch allows secure gripping of the load and prevents it from unhooking.

Two-speed Hoist

The Hoist’s built-in inverter automatically allows 2 pre-set speeds with smooth transition from one to the other without needing to press any buttons; maximum speed is guaranteed both with a load and without.

Chain Box

This item is made of impact-resistant plastic.