Industrial Manipulators and load handling solutions

The most complete range of industrial manipulators nowadays on the market.

It comprises:

  • Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA® of the Liftronic® Series featuring advanced electronic control technology
  • Traditional industrial manipulators of the PN Series featuring pneumatic control technology

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Advantages of Liftronic®Series INDEVAs vs.traditional industrial pneumatic manipulators.

Liftronic Series

Liftronic® Series (Electronic)

Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA® of the Liftronic® Series featuring advanced electronic control technology

Pn Series

PN Series (Pneumatic)

Traditional industrial manipulators of the PN Series featuring pneumatic control technology.

Main features

Intelligent devices for handling

True evolution of traditional industrial manipulators. High degree of safety and reliability.

Traditional industrial manipulatos

Suitable for enviroments with danger of explosion, classified classes 1, 2, 21 and 22. ATEX regulations.




Auto weight sense

Automatic weight sensing in real time

No weight sensing

Auto balancing

Automatic weight balancing in real timeallowing variable weights to be handled without presetting load.

Weight balancing is not automatic or real time. Pre-sets weights via selector switch.


Moves as fast or as slow as the operator decides, using fingertip control with minimal effort and instant response

System response is slower and feels heavier because of this, especially with upward movement

Load Placement

Precise and coordinated, with fine adjustment allowing accurate placement, so reducing the risk of damage

Some resistance is felt as air enters and leaves the cylinders, so restricting natural speed of movement

Industry 4.0 ready

Liftronic® Series manipulators can be interconnected with customer IT system and other machines of the line. They are industry 4.0 ready.

PN Series manipulators cannot be interconnected, thus are not industry 4.0 ready

Carbon footprint & total cost of operation




Light and compact structure allows great visibility and ease of maneuverability

System requires heavier and bulkier structure, so reducing visibility and maneuverability

Diagnostic & remote trouble shooting

Comprehensive auto – diagnostic software e and remote trouble shooting with App-Indeva or INDEVA® Gateway

Not available

Man / machine interface

Simple and efficient: by means of display

Restricted options to identify faults at the machine

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PN Series PHOTO Gallery:

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PN Series VIDEO Gallery

Scaglia Indeva® distinguish themselves from the other manufacturers of industrial manipulators

because of their Intelligent Devices for Handling or INDEVA® (Liftronic® Series) . The INDEVA® are an evolution of the industrial manipulators and feature  cutting edge electronic control.
Scaglia Indeva®’s  range includes also traditional pneumatic industrial manipulators (PN Series), featuring pneumatic control. in order to satisfy special demands and suit applications in controlled environment with danger of explosion, according to the ATEX Regulations.

Vision and Achievements

The industrial manipulator range by Scaglia Indeva® is indeed today the most complete on the market

for lift assist devices and it is able to satisfy industry growing demand for higher productivity combined with safety and ergonomics in load manual handling.

Design and manufacturing of manual load manual handling solutions that improve safety and ergonomics.

Scaglia Indeva® was the first company in the world to apply electronics to the industrial manipulators. Since 1970 we’ve been world leader for the production of INtelligent DEVices for hAndling with our exclusive “INDEVA® ”. An INDEVA®, now synonymous with evoluted Ergonomic Industrial Manipulator, enables operators to lift and manoeuvre loads naturally, as if it were a human arm extension. An INDEVA® contributes to productivity increase and helps reduce the costs of product damage and minimize work-related injuries. For manual handling of high value products, in handling cycles requiring rapid, repetitive movements, an INDEVA® is the safest and most productive lifting device available nowadays, as it gives the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine; it is therefore the perfect solution for quick, repetitive motions and slow, precise load placements.