AFIL is the acronym for “Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia”, that is “Lombard Intelligent Factory Association”:

Scaglia Indeva is a charter member of AFIL.

AFIL is an Association whose mission is to be the leading actor of one of the 9 technological clusters promoted by “Regione Lombardia” (Lombardy Region) with the aim of creating infrastructures and methodologies supporting the Research & Innovation for:



Intellimech is a Consortium of high-tech enterprises dedicated to interdisciplinary Research into Mechatronics.

Scaglia Indeva is an active member of the INTELLIMECH Consortium

IT comprises advanced electronics, computer and ICT systems and mechanical design for application in a wide range of industrial fields.



UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE is the Italian machine tool, robots, automation systems and ancillary products (NC, tools, components, accessories) manufacturers’ association.

Scaglia Indeva is member of UCIMU

UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE takes part, in collaboration with Federmacchina, in many Research & Development, (R&D) activities and initiatives in order to help associate member companies to keep a competitive advantage.

Taking advantage of the skills of the companies of the group, UCIMU provides members with specialist support ranging from Research and Development to Sales and Marketing, from Promotion & Communication to Technical Training.



Confindutria Bergamo is a Category Association serving Industries in the province of Bergamo

Scaglia Indeva is member of Confindustria Bergamo

Confindustria’s mission is to promote member companies and to represent them in relation with Public Institutions,  Public Administrations, Economic Organizations, Category associations, etc..

Scaglia Indeva takes part in the Research and Innovation work group.