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INDEVA® in the video of Peugeot Citroën

The latest technology is required for each part of the PSA Group’s assembly lines On their official Youtube channel PSA Group has recently published a video showing their assembly line for  Peugeot 3008 and you can see the INDEVA®  AGV at working starting from minute 1:43. Large companies in the Automotive industry, as well as […]



This  Tugger AGV  is a standard model within the INDEVA® AGVs range. Each standard AGV can be configured for different functions and can be upgraded from a range of optional accessories. An INDEVA® AGV is programmed for automatic start by means of either a preset timing or reception of a signal from customer’s line. It comes [...]

Tunnel AGV


This INDEVA® Tunnel AGV is a standard model within the range of INDEVA® automatic guided vehicles.  It is used to move a trolley along the production line. It places itself beneath the trolley and automatically hooks it by means of a pin hook system. When the trolley arrives at its destination the AGV releases it and moves […]