Since 1970 Scaglia Indeva has been providing companies all over the world with both standard and customised solutions, at the cutting edge of technology for material handling and factory logistics,

Intelligent and collaborative systems: electronically controlled industrial manipulators and automatically guided vehicles.

INDEVA, for years has been a partner chosen by companies with productions of excellence in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical and many other industries for its ability to offer solutions that comply with standards and directives relating to ergonomics and safety and for the implementation of lean manufacturing.

INDEVA industrial manipulators for handling products in an ergonomic and safety way

Industrial Manipulators

The most complete range of industrial manipulators nowadays on the market.

Indeva AGV to speed up the production process and avoid repetitive operations

Automatic Guided Vehicles

Extensive expertise in the design of Automatic Guided Vehicles, materials handling solutions and industrial automation.


Robotic Automation

INDEVA SysDesign position itself as a supplier of flexible robotic automation solutions for the integrated factory with a special focus on production line automation and intelligent palletizing.


Lean System

The INDEVA Lean System® comprises a wide range of components that  enables you to design and build a variety of structures to suit any need within the manufacturing process.