Liftronic Easy-6 Column mounted
Liftronic -Air-overhead rail
liftronic mobile official-04 senza operatore

Liftronic® Pro

– rope on the vertical axis;
– custom gripping tools

Liftronic® Easy

– rope on the vertical axis;
–  standard gripping tools

Liftronic® Air

– parallelogram rigid arm for the vertical axis;
– suitable for handling offset loads

Liftronic® Mobile

– it can be mounted onto a pallet truck;
easy to move and use at different work stations

Advantages of Liftronic® INDEVA® Intelligent Devices for Handling vs. traditional pneumatic manipulators.

The Liftronic® Series Industrial electronic manipulators are known as INDEVAs, Intelligent Devices for Handling.

The INtelligent DEVices for hAndling (INDEVAs) are a new generation of advanced industrial manipulators, featuring electronic control.
They represent the evolution of traditional industrial manipulators and belong to the innovative product family of manual load-handling assist devices known as Intelligent Assist Devices or IADS.
Many are the advantages of an INDEVA® compared to a traditional pneumatic manipulator,
 the main of which is surely the auto-weight sense and auto-balancing feature and its greatest responsiveness. For these unique features, the INDEVAs can be truly considered ‘human extenders’.

Liftronic® Series Intelligent Devices for HAndling (electronic manipulators)  are ideal anywhere speed, fluid movement, and exact positioning of the load are required.

End effectors for the Liftronic® Series manipulators

They can be linked either to standard gripping chucks or to bespoke gripping devices designed by our engineers specifically for each application.

Liftronic® Pro end effectors

Liftronic® Easy standard end effectors

INDEVA® Modulo