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Innovation and versatility: Liftronic® manipulator with interchangeable tools

New frontiers in handling thanks to our latest project with the Liftronic® manipulator with interchangeable tools. This innovative system offers unprecedented flexibility while ensuring optimal safety and ergonomics. Versatility is the strong point of this system: thanks to its range of gripper tools, which can be quickly interchanged, it can handle a wide range of…


Vacuum Gripper at the INDEVA showroom in Wernau Germany

At our showroom in Wernau Germany you can see and test how easily you can handle large wooden panels with an INDEVA Liftronic equipped with the INDEVA Vac-U-Grip end effector. Lifting, moving, rotating, and tilting them is a safe and almost effortless operation thanks to the INDEVA manipulator control system.

Linear pantograph for handling KTL cases

Handling KTL cases

Handling KTL cases with a Liftronic® Easy equipped with a long sensing handle and a Linear Pantograph gripper for picking and moving cases easily, quickly, and safely.


Why a Liftronic®meets and exceeds expectations

As you can see, handling a load with an INDEVA® manipulator is easy, fast, and efficient. How does it work? The manipulator is auto-balancing, that is, it automatically adjusts in real time the weight of the object to lift and does not require any adjustment or setting by the operator in case of changing weights,…

Manipolaotri per basamenti motore

Liftronic® Easy for handling engine blocks

Engine block handling becomes fast and safe with Liftronic Easy. Using an INDEVA Liftronic Easy manipulator not only speeds up the work cycle and increases productivity, but also improves ergonomics and safety for the benefit of workers

glass sheets handling

Vacuum Gripper for handling glass or metal sheets

Vac-U-Grip Panel is a standard gripper designed for the INDEVA Liftronic Pro Manipulator for handling glass or metal sheets.
Its modular and industrialized design embodies the INDEVA immense expertise and ensures high efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Liftronic-Air 400 Intelligent Lift Assist Device with capacity up to 400 kg

Overhead rail mounted Liftronic Air 400

Liftronic Air 400: an INDEVA Intelligent Lift Assist Device with load capacity up to 400 kg. Overhead rail mounted with custom gripper for handling large industrial electric motors.

Liftronic Easy Dispositif d'assistance intelligent avec pince standard équipée d'un mandrin à expansion pour la manipulation des roues.

Quick, easy and safe manual handling and stacking of wheels

INDEVA LIFTRONIC EASY provides the requested solution:

Instant load weight detection thanks to its automatic balancing system for its different wheel weights.
A quick, simple and intuitive solution for the operator.
Quick and easy installation by specialised INDEVA technicians.
Ergonomic design.

Easy and safe lathe loading operaton by means of a Liftronic Easy manipulator

Lathe loading

Lathe loading is effortless, precise, fast, and safe if you use a Liftronic Easy manipulator.
In this case the load gripper is a manual magnet that safely holds the metal cylinder while moving it to and from the lathe.