Scaglia Group: a history of passion and technology

Scaglia Group was born in 1838 when Martino Scaglia established a factory for manufacturing wooden bobbins for the textile industry. From this distant beginning, we have grown into a diverse group of companies providing a wide range of product solutions. We continue to support the textile industry through SCAGLIA S.r.l. now using modern materials including polymers and light alloys. Power transmission components and motion control solutions come from SIT S.p.A. and SIT Automation. ELATECH S.r.l. is responsible for the design and manufacture of polyurethane belts. In 2004, Scaglia Indeva S.p.A. was created to carry on the business of former Scaglia’s “material handling division. Across the Group, today still owned by the Scaglia family, the focus is on continuous innovation and development using leading-edge technology.  With a team of 1,000 employees, and a broad network of subsidiaries and distributors in Europe, America, and Asia, we support our customers by providing first-class support and services all around the world.

Scaglia Group was awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certification

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Scaglia S.r.l.: Accessories for textile machines

Established in 1838, is the world leader in the production of textile accessories, including aluminum and plastic-alloy yarn carriers such as flanged bobbins, tubes, cylinders and cones. The range of products also includes yarn waste removing machines, as well as a service division for the sale of spare parts (mechanical and electrical components) and assistance suitable for Tsudakoma® air/water jet looms.

SIT S.p.A.: The power transmission company

Since 1968, SIT has been manufacturing and selling the widest range of belts and pulleys for friction and synchronous drives, keyless self-locking units, zero backlash couplings, and motor bases, standard and according to customer specifications.

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Elatech S.r.l.: Polyurethane Belts

Ranging from long length open end rolls to welded or ELA-flex SD truly endless timing belts and iSync sleeves, and completed by a wide choice of mechanical joints, false teeth, backings,cleats and other accessories, ELATECH’s Polyuretane belts provide the most extensive offer available on the market. 

SIT Automation S.r.l.: Automation and robotics

SIT Automation aims to provide machine manufacturers with complete, custom, and reliable solutions for mechatronics applications. Our on-site warehouse is full of ready-to-ship components from our trusted suppliers. They are the Italian official distributor of Delta Electronics, and partners of Trio Motion Technology – U.K.,  Schaffner, and IC Electronics.

Scaglia Indeva S.p.A.: Intelligent Devices for Handling and Lean Manufacturing solutions

With an ever-growing international network of subsidiaries and qualified distributors, SCAGLIA INDEVA can support both local requirements and those of customers operating on a global basis. Scaglia INDEVA’s core business is the design and production of intelligent lift assist devices and material handling solutions for industry 4.0; in order to provide our customers with intelligent solutions for internal logistics, we also design and manufacture modular structures made with INDEVA LEAN SYSTEM® components and Automatic Guided Vehicles. Scaglia Indeva’s solutions aim to help companies meet the demand for more ergonomics and safety as well as for increased productivity.