A range of accessories and options are available to enhance your INDEVA® AGV: power system, route & markers, communication & control and custom trolleys.

Supervisor and Controller

It is the brain interacting with all the vehicles in the entire system: it receives from the AGVs information on their position and work parameters and controls crossings and overall traffic flow.

• controls AGV and all the other line components we supply such as roller conveyors, trolleys, WI-FI start-stop, etc…
• controls crossings
• controls position on the route
• assigns the task to be completed by the AGV
• controls battery level and other parameters
• informs about failure and position of the AGV in case of unplanned stop.

Communication and Control System

Wi-Fi Device

Wi-Fi Device - AGV

You can equip your AGV with a WI-FI card to allow it to communicate with other devices, for example other AGVs, to control crossings or Start-Box, etc..

WI-Fi Start-Box

WI-Fi Start-Box - AGV

Remote Push Buttons allows to start AGVs by means of Wi-FI. This device can be installed ne the operator, not on the AGV, in order to improve ergonomics for the operator. This accessory can be also used in order to interface an AGV with other machines on the line.

Electronic Kanban

Electronic Kanban - AGV

The Electronic Kanban System, using the wi-fi network, allows to assign one or more preset tasks to an AGV, by simply pressing the push button related to each task (e.g.: in the drawing buttons marked “A” “B” “C”).


bridge - AGV

The bridge provides an interface between the AGV and the customer’s system (e.g.: roller conveyors, production lines, robot, etc..). Communication of all data relative to the transfer of goods according to custom preset sequences occurs through the Wi-Fi network.

Custom Trolleys

We can design and manufacture custom trolleys for the INDEVA® TUGGER and TUNNEL AGVs.
We can give guidance in the design and manufacture of the trolleys and the best system for the automatic loading/unloading of materials.

Steelwork structure


Custom trolley can be made with steelwork.

Modular Structure

MODULAR lean system structure

INDEVA® AGV trolley structure  can be made with the modular pipes and joint INDEVA Lean System®.

This allows to build it to your exact specifications, at a reduced cost.

AGV Route and Markers

We design the route and lay the magnetic tape to your specific requirements.

Magnetic markers to the floor

Magnetic markers - AGV

Glued or fixed with resin to the floor are the indicators where each AGV must stop to carry out a task.

Radio Frequency IDentification

RFID (RadioFrequency IDentification) - AGV

System for the univocal identification of position so that an AGV can be added to the route without any external input.

AGV Power System

Battery trolleys


Made with INDEVA Lean System® modular structure.
Very useful accessory for changing batteries: the battery smoothly slides unto the AGV and from the AGV to the trolley by means of roller tracks.

Battery pack

Battery pack - AGV

Spare standard batteries are available in 40A/h and 70A/h 24 volt DC. Batteries of different capacities are available on request.

Trickle charger

Trickle charger - AGV

Each AGV crosses a charging point whilst travelling which helps to maintain the battery in a charged condition.