INDEVA Lean System®

Since the late 1990s, Scaglia Indeva s.p.a. has been providing innovative modular solutions for the line edge, in line with the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which aims to improve efficiency and reduce waste in production processes. INDEVA Lean System® is a system comprising modular components made of coated steel and aluminium, designed to create flexible structures that can be adapted to production requirements.

These structures offer numerous advantages, including flexibility, durability, operational efficiency and ergonomics. Modularity allows the design of customised solutions that can be easily modified, while high-quality materials guarantee a long service life. In addition, the system promotes an optimised line-side layout, improving material flow and reducing downtime, while taking into account the operators’ needs for a safe and comfortable working environment.

Manufactured in Italy and Sweden

INDEVA Lean System® structures are simple to design, quick to assemble and completely reusable.

You can design and build material handling and work assist structures to your exact specifications and requirements,  thus helping to meet Lean manufacturing goals.

Big Companies  in different industry sectors, mainly Automotive, Manufacturing, Mechanics, have chosen Scaglia INDEVA as their Corporate Supplier of components and modular structures.