In order to effectively manage all corporate sustainability issues Scaglia INDEVA has set up an internal organization through the appointment of a Corporate Social Responsibility Management Committee.

We believe in transparent, ethical and responsible behavior as a way of conducting business. This means not only complying with laws and regulations but also considering the expectations and aspirations of various stakeholders, in accordance with SDG 16 (Peace, Justice , Strong Institutions):

Scaglia INDEVA has developed a set of tools that apply throughout the Group to ensure high ethical standards. This set of tools focuses on the Organizational Model according to Italian Law Decree 231/2001 and the Code of Ethics and includes:

  • Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct
  • Code of basic working conditions
  • Health and safety policy
  • Policy against modern slavery
  • Environment and energy policy
  • Policy on non-discrimination and diversity
  • Supplier Code of Conduct

In order to ensure compliance with the principles of behavior, Scaglia INDEVA has issued the Whistleblowing Procedure (ProcedurePolicyReporting)  form the purpose of which is to report reports of violations and irregularities of its codes to the Supervisory Board, guaranteeing confidentiality and anonymity.