Automatic Guided Vehicles – INDEVA® AGV

Extensive expertise in the design of Automatic Guided Vehicles, materials handling solutions and industrial automation.

Scaglia Indeva® is in the business of the low cost automation since 1980 and has been supplying  Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) since year 2000.

INDEVA® Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs)  have been designed expressly for companies that apply the lean manufacturing principles. Thanks to their modularity, flexibility and easy-to-use features they represent an effective and low cost solution for assembly lines and logistics. The use of automatic guided vehicles proved to increase efficiency and reduce costs related to the task of carrying  material from warehouse to the assembly line.

Emphasis on ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘make-it-yourself’ principles is the main focus of our INDEVA® AGVs overall design. In fact we do strongly believe that in a fast changing world the user has an important advantage in being independent in the programming, maintenance and possible modifications of their vehicles.

The INDEVA®  Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) are designed by INDEVA® R&D personnel with the cooperation of research institution and universities for the most critical and advanced control techniques. Indeva is committed to continuously update its AGV’s software and features to ensure alignment to the technology edge. Scaglia Indeva® is the only European company that designs and manufacture in Europe modular Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) for Lean manufacturing.

Nowadays Scaglia Indeva® can boast wide expertise and know-how in supplying state of the art internal material handling solutions with a large portfolio of satisfied customers among the most important corporations in the Automotive and non-Automotive industries.


Veicoli a guida automatica INDEVA Tunnel AGV


Automatic guided vehicles

Following are some of the many Companies who are satisfactorily using INDEVA® Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs):

in the Automotive Industry:

  • Brembo
  • Comau
  • Faurecia
  • Fiat Auto
  • Fiat Power Train
  • Iveco
  • Magneti Marelli
  • Yanmar
  • Volvo

in the non-Automotive Industry :

  • ABB
  • Alstom

Scaglia INDEVA® has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors to provide service to its customers in many countries in the world.

Annual costs comparison: 2 forklift trucks + operators vs. 5 "Indeva AGVs"

Annual cost for 5 "Indeva AGVs"
Annual cost for 2 forklift trucks + operators

To carry out the tasks performed by 2 forklift trucks with operators travelling at an average speed of 6 km/h you need 5 AGVs travelling at 2 km/h. Graphs showing total and average cost comparison over a period of 5 years. Average year cost over a 5 year period for 5 AGVs is about 1/3 of the average cost for 2 forklift trucks.

Advantages of AGVs - Automatic Guided Vehicles- compared to traditional forklift trucks with operators.

  • Precise and safe operation
    Predictability of AGVs; routes remain unchanged over time. Operation 24/7 with no human intervention required. Elimination of the risks associated with use of forklift trucks. No damage caused by AGVs to goods, machinery or permanent structures
  • Easy-to-assemble and easy-to-maintain,
    thanks to ‘all plugs’ feature. All components are connected using connectors that do not require the use of screwdriver. This allows a very easy and quick assembly or replacement of parts.
  • Advanced programming interface
    Quick and easy programming by means of a touch panel or PC interface. Possibility to introduce interfaces with external input/output signals. Thanks to the closed-loop control system, the AGV does not require initial parameter set-ups. Only basic settings (hour and date, language choice, password) are required at the AGV installation. The software interface is designed to be self-explanatory and does not require long training to learn the programming of the AGV.
  • Higher speed and stability in turns:
    A closed loop control system enables precise tracking of the magnet guide tape without deviation or variation.
  • Flexibility
    No conventional materials-handling infrastructures required. The number of AGVs can be increased as business grows. Updates are possible without shutting down the entire system. Work flow shared efficiently and dynamically between AGVs in use. Routes are easy to reconfigure if needed, new AGVs easily added. Compatibility with any type of automation. Traffic management system guaranteed to avoid collision.
  • Efficient, reliable and flexible transport
    Just-in-time delivery. No destination errors. More precise inventory management. Elimination of material stocked on the production floor.
  • Optimum quality to price ratio
    Low running and maintenance costs.

Layout of a typical AGV route in a manufacturing environment:

The standardization of critical parts of the INDEVA AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) has made it possible to attain a very high reliability and easy diagnostic as well as quick replacement of parts in case of failure.

Indeva AGVs are composed of standard basics modules that can be easily (plug-in feature) combined in different ways to shape the AGV according to the requirements of each application.

The basic modules are:

  • Control panel
  • Drive unit
  • Safety devices and obstacle sensor
  • Batteries