Scaglia Indeva® has supplied systems and complete solutions for material handling with various dimensions, shapes and weights in different industrial fields.

Scaglia INDEVA® boasts great expertise in designing custom end-effectors to grip, turn and flip loads in a safely manner. In designing each end-effector, great importance is given to ergonomics, often collaborating with ergonomists and doctors.
Grippers with suction cups, magnet, mechanical activated jaws, extended and foldable handles, with the ability to turn the load and suitable to handle boxes, totes, glass panes, bottles and panels.

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Aerospace Industry


Scaglia INDEVA® , with its industrial manipulators, stands out from the rest of the market for the positioning of the load which, thanks to the intuitive and natural coordination of the movement and without any resistance, is extremely precise, thus meeting the high standards of safety and precision.
Another strong point is undoubtedly the fluidity and self-balancing that allow the operator to carry out his work in an ergonomic and safe way.

Latest generation industrial manipulators INDEVA to handle dashboards with a tool suitable for their grip. The great versatility of the gripping tools allows the handling of the load of different shapes and sizes, through an ergonomic and intuitive handling, the INDEVA lifting systems, which are self-balancing, allow fast movements and at the same time precise.


Many car manufacturers, always looking for innovative systems, have decided to focus on INDEVA® systems. The manipulators are equipped with an advanced electronic control system, allowing greater ergonomics with less effort throughout the entire load handling cycle.

INDEVA® manufactures and supplies intelligent manipulators for handling all components of the automotive industry, even the most complex ones, thanks to the great experience and extreme know-how in the field of design that makes INDEVA® a world leader in the supply of intelligent systems.

Handling cheese blocks by means of a vacuum gripping tool applied to the standard tool head of an INDEVA

Food & Beverage

The INDEVA® industrial manipulators, which respond to all these needs, have been chosen by various companies belonging to the world of Food & Beverage for the handling of products such as cold cuts, cheeses, bottles, beer drums and crates. The weight detection is done automatically in real time, combined with ‘self-balancing, allows you to move different loads without any pre-setting of the weight. These are some of the main features that distinguish INDEVA® manipulators from other lifting systems on the market.

With the Liftronic Easy the operator can move transformers quickly, easily and naturally just as if lifting and moving loads of a few grams without the aid of a machine. This system allows heavy and bulky loads to be lifted and moved effortlessly for several hours a day.

Mechanics - Parts and tools

Scaglia INDEVA® is the ideal partner for customized solutions for manual handling of loads, in particular for handling bulky and uncomfortable objects to be transported, such as components and tools in the mechanical industry.
INDEVA® provides for the creation of customized solutions that meet the needs of the customer, thus achieving greater ergonomics, productivity and a high level of safety.