AFIL is the acronym for “Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia”, that is “Lombard Intelligent Factory Association”:

AFIL is an Association whose mission is to be the leading actor of one of the 9 technological clusters promoted by “Regione Lombardia” (Lombardy Region) with the aim of creating infrastructures and methodologies supporting the Reseach & Innovation for :

  •  green chemistry,
  •  agrifood,
  • technologies for living environments,
  •  life sciences,
  • smart communities technologies,
  • means and systems for ground and sea mobility,
  • aerospace,
  • energy and intelligent factory.

 AFIL leads the regional technological cluster of the Intelligent Factory.

Its mission is the creation of a STABLE COMMUNITY made by Companies, Universities, Research Institutions and Associations, cooperating with each othor for developing Reseach &Innovation projects that will help lombard manufacturing Companies to improve their competitive edge.

AFIL is also a supporting member of the NATIONAL INTELLIGENT FACTORY CLUSTER (CIF) and supports  different initiatives in Europe for developing SMART SPECIALIZATION STRATEGIES.

AFIL members:

  • Charter Members, which are the leaders selected by Lombardy Region, in charge of the creation of the Intelligent Factory lombard cluster; they are:
    Politecnico di Milano; Innovhub; SSI Consorzio Intellimech; CNR-­‐ITIA, Stefano Scaglia
  • Indstrial members: Large and Small-Medium Companies;
  • Reseach Institutions, such as Universities, private and public research  centres;
  • Category Associations

Scaglia INDEVA participates in the AFIL project “Smart4CPPS” ˗ Smart solutions for Cyber – Physical Production systems ˗ the project that aspires to the realization of the “Smart Factory” using the Cyber-Physical System (CPS), paradigm of Industry 4.0, through 6 demonstrators representative of Lombard manufacturing in which ICT technologies are integrated into components, machines, and environments becoming CPS intercommunicating and intelligent.
The project was born within the Smart & Adaptive Manufacturing working group of the Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia and was funded by the Lombardy Region under the Research and Innovation Agreements. The project started in March 2017 and will end in June 2020.
The project leader is Cosberg, the partners involved are: Balance System, Camozzi Automation, Cavagna Group, C.M.S., Fincons, Politecnico di Milano (Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering and Department of Management Engineering), Porta Solutions, Quantra, Ratti, Scaglia Indeva, Ste Industries, STIIMA-CNR (Institute of Industrial Systems and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing), TXT e-solutions, University of Bergamo, University of Brescia. The Politecnico Foundation and ABB also collaborate in the project.