The use of innovative systems such as Scaglia INDEVA manipulators has certainly led to a constant increase in productivity, moving metal cabinets with extreme ease and precision. One of the main features that distinguishes INDEVA systems from the rest of the market is undoubtedly the automatic weight detection. This function, combined with self-balancing, allows the metal cabinets to be moved without any pre-setting of the weight.

An Intelligent Lift Assist Device INDEVA® Liftronic® is the smart solution for handling large size metal cabinets!

Scaglia INDEVA® is the ideal partner for custom material handling solutions.


It is because of our 40 year experience and great expertise in designing custom gripping tools and handling devices for any type of load in a great variety of  environments and work area settings.

For this Italian manufacturer of industrial furniture we provided a custom solution that satisfied all requirements:

for more ergonomic handling, for more productivity, for a high level of safety.

This is a rail mounted Liftronic® with gripping tool by vacuum

equipped with custom handles and an automatic handles adjust device that allow an ergonomic position for the operator both when picking/releasing the load at 50 cm and at 320 cm  from the floor.

Movements are fluid at all times

with no jerks nor bounces when positioning or lifting the large size cabinet. Thanks to the electronic control system which is the intelligence of the INDEVA® manipulators, large size and heavy loads can be handled in a natural and effortless way as they were small objects.