automotive industry

INDEVA® manipulators for the automotive industry are the advanced  solutions for handling any vehicle part along the assembly line in a safe and ergonomic way.

Manipulators for the Automotive industry must comply with strict safety standard.

The INDEVA® lift assistors prooved to be the systems that can grant the highest safety level among those on the market nowadays. Big  Companies have spread voice that no other manipulator on the market can grant same safety against load drop and sudden movements of the vertical arm. Engineers and safety managers of a plant of a renown Automotive  Industry Company  have informed the managers of  their Group as follows. “A safety concern requiring immediate action has arisen regarding a piece of lifting equipment that was tested  before purchase across some of our sites.   The lifting equipment was being considered for use in the engine assembly facility in………… During testing, the Capability Acquisition team discovered that in the event of losing the load, the equipment quickly retracts at force, presenting a significant risk if someone were stood over it. The manufacturers, ………, believed it would fail to safety under such circumstances and are currently unable to offer an engineering solution. A potential alternative provider, Indeva, have been sourced and tested, whose equipment has a safety device to prevent this kind of retraction in the event of failure.”