Handling reels in textile industry

Manipulator for yarn reels Liftronic® has been around in the textile industry since 1970.

Company Scaglia launched this innovative electric lift assist device for the textile industry back in the ’70s.

Its advantages were right away appreciated both by the Company management and the workers.

A Liftronic® manipulator, in fact, was a revolution for the textile industry: it allowed to handle yarn reels in a safe manner both for the workers and for the delicate yarn.

Moreover workers can move reels from vertical to horizontal position and viceversa in a very quick way without any risk of accidental reel drop  nor harm to workers.

Since then the Liftronic® manipulator underwent several updatings till today in its 05 version. Today Liftronic® manipulator is still the stte of the art lift assist device for handling yarn reels.  Its electronic control, automatic barycentree adjust device, ergonomic design make it the top solution for handling reels and a very cost effective investment with very short term return.