Liftronic Easy column mounted manipulator with jointed arm

Manipulator for cases INDEVA® allows for quick, precise and safe movements.

Industrial manipulator INDEVA® (Intelligent Assist Device) model Liftronic® Easy complete with a Linear Pantograph Chuck is the ideal solution for handling cases with different weights in quick and  repetitive work cycles.

Its electronic control allows for real time responsiveness of the balancing and handling system to the intention of the operator.

Just very few grams of force are necessary to move the case upwards or downwards and to reverse direction.

If you need to handle cases with weights that vary from 1 kg to 100 kg you  don’t need to stop to change your manipulator setting, because an INDEVA® is auto weight sense and auto balancing.  You just have to apply same few grams of force no matter how heavy is the case you are gripping with the linear chuck.

The INDEVA® Linear Pantograph Chuck is an INDEVA® standard  gripping tool for manipulators Liftronic® Easy.