We are pleased to share a new project realised with a Liftronic® manipulator. This new system allows for different types of gripping tools, both mechanical and vacuum, offering maximum flexibility, safety and ergonomics.

Unparalleled versatility: Our tooling system allows for the handling of a wide range of products thanks to a quick-connect coupling that allows you to change grippers in an instant. You can choose between vacuum solutions or mechanical tools such as hooks and pantographs to adapt to any operational need.

Ideal solution for Pick & Place applications: Perfect for handling ‘simple’ products such as boxes, bags, drums and tanks. We offer standard grippers for these applications, but can also customise them to meet specific customer requirements.

Intuitive gripper selection: With a simple button and display, you can select the type of gripper (vacuum or mechanical) and display customised parameters such as maximum capacity for each gripper, making operation simple and immediate.

Instant visual feedback: The equipment display changes colour according to machine status (load, alarm, standby), providing clear and immediate visual feedback to the operator to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Guaranteed safety: In the event of a power failure, the system is designed to safely ground the product, preventing damage and ensuring maximum operational safety.

Improve the efficiency and safety of your operations with a Liftronic® manipulator.