iNTUITIVE INTERFACE, EASY PARTS REPLACEMENT, easy customization , these the features of the Liftronic Easy.6 intelligent manipulator

INDEVA’S continuous research and development program brings you the very latest technology in the Liftronic range with the Easy L6 model.

Liftronic® Easy-6 was introduced in October 2018

Compared to the previous release it is even more user-friendly, easier to maintain, more versatile. All operation parameters are easy to set and visualize on the touch screen panel.

The new features allow you to add your custom-made gripper easily and safely

The standard tool head of Liftronic 6 can easily accept controls for your own gripper and the photocell that activates the arm brake.  Thanks to our I-Connect interface module that allows communication between the manipulator and the gripper, different safety functions can be added as well.

The tool head features a  preset allocation for the I-Connect interface module that can be easily fitted in if required.

Your gripper wiring and pneumatic cabling, if any, can be easily and quickly connected to the manipulator tool head through the preset connection points.

New Touch Screen Interface

We have developed a new control head with a touch screen interface that enables password protected machine settings to be adjusted by authorised personnel, as well as a user-friendly graphical interface that presents operator instructions using easy to understand symbols and images.

As demonstrated here on the screen you can see the UP and DOWN arrows which shows you are in the auto weight sensing mode and by using the touch sensitive handle the weight being lifted is rendered into a balanced condition automatically.

When we now select the float mode button on the side of the control head, the image changes to the weight being held by a pair of hands showing you are in float mode and you can now take hold of the part directly and float heavy loads as if they were weightless. Auto weight sensing and float mode are standard features on the Liftronic Easy.


New Rubber Protection

The yellow rubber protection fitted around the control head provides a higher protection against impact, still retaining the reliability our customers are used to even in the most demanding of applications.



The L6 model now offers I-Connect interface modules allowing customer or integrators to add their own custom designed gripping tools while plugging into the safety circuits of the system. These important safety functions are related to the gripping and releasing circuits and also offer protection against air or power failure.


Pre-set access points for electrical and pneumatic connections

Connection of electrical and pneumatic cabling and additional command buttons is simple using pre-set access points on the front of the control head as shown here, avoiding unsightly loose wiring and offering greater reliability.


Easy Maintenance and Upgradings

On the top of the control head are the electrical and pneumatic connection ports, allowing easy replacement of the control head and addition of cables or of an endless swivel joint.


USB-PC connectivity port

There is a USB-PC connectivity port for easier communication with the manipulator by INDEVA service technicians.

All of these enhancements make the INDEVA Liftronic Easy L6 the most compact and user friendly intelligent lifting device in the world.

The smart technology is what makes our INDEVA unique: click here to read more on the advantages of smart technology applied to our industrial manipulators.