New frontiers in handling thanks to our latest project with the Liftronic® manipulator with interchangeable tools. This innovative system offers unprecedented flexibility while ensuring optimal safety and ergonomics.

Versatility is the strong point of this system: thanks to its range of gripper tools, which can be quickly interchanged, it can handle a wide range of products, from the simplest to the most complex. Whether it is a Pick & Place application or handling specific materials, the Liftronic® manipulator adapts to operational requirements with ease.

Grab selection is made intuitive via a simple push-button and display, allowing operators to quickly customise parameters and settings as required.

Immediate visual feedback ensures safe and efficient operation, while safety is guaranteed even in the event of power failures, thanks to a system designed to ground the load safely and prevent damage.

Improving the efficiency and safety of operations is now easier than ever with the Liftronic® manipulator and its interchangeable tools.