Scaglia Indeva - Val Brembilla Italien

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Scaglia Indeva designs and manufactures state of the art industrial manipulators and automatic guided vehicles

It was the first company in the world to offer electric manipulators back in the 1970s and today is a world leader in the production of INtelligent DEVices for hAndling; the INDEVA® electronically controlled manipulator.
INDEVA® is now synonymous with an advanced Industrial Manipulator which allows the operator to handle loads as if it were an extension of the human arm.
The INDEVA® is auto weight sensing and auto-balancing. They detect and balance the load weight automatically and continuously allowing you to handle different weights and dimensions intuitively without having to adjust settings
An INDEVA® , thanks to its electronic control, allows precise and smooth movement removing the risk of impact during load positioning. Using the power of the machine, the same flexibility of movement combined with sensitivity and speed of use delivers constant performance across any shift pattern.

The ‘Float Mode’ option supports the weight, allowing the load to be held directly for accurate positioning.

An INDEVA® significantly contributes to increased productivity, as well as reducing work related injuries.

University Research Centres and experts in ergonomics carried out scientific analysis relating to the manual handling of loads with the use of an INDEVA® electronic manipulator and have demonstrated that it provides greater safety and productivity compared to all other load handling systems.

Scaglia INDEVA® s industrial manipulator range is today the most comprehensive on the market

because it includes both the electronically controlled INDEVA® Liftronic® models and the traditional, pneumatically controlled PN series. These are suited to environments where there is danger of explosion, or for other special requirements.

In 2009, Scaglia INDEVA® accepted a new challenge with the production of its AGV,

an automatic guided vehicle, to enhance logistic flow along production and assembly lines according to lean manufacturing guide lines.
The AGVs designed and built by INDEVA® draw on the experience gained from the manipulator range. Expert analysis of the requirement leads to custom designed solutions that meet the operational and commerical parameters of the customer
Our wide knowledge of Mechatronics, continuing research and development, advanced production techniques and the use of standard modules offer short lead times for delivery of both standard and custom designed AGVs.

From design to final testing, INDEVA® manipulators and AGVs are created in Val Brembilla

and follow a carefully controlled path through Design, 3D simulation of use, manufacture, testing, shipment and installation.

Indeva works as a technology partner with industrial centres for the development of cutting-edge mechatronic solutions,

from the Intellimech research consortium including Kilometro Rosso, through to Afil, a Mechatronics consortium in Lombardy.

For many years Scaglia Indeva has been providing material handling solutions to many well-known and respected companies producing top quality products across all industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, chemical, mechanical and food. In all these industry fileds INDEVA® manipulators and AGVs increase productivity and reduce production costs.

Our headquarters and production facility is located in Val Brembilla,

70 kilometres from Milan, on a total area of 5,000 square metres and has 150 employees.   Scaglia Indeva is part of a privately owned Group founded in 1838 that now includes 5 companies and a total of 800 employees.

Scaglia INDEVA® has a truly international presence with five branches and an extensive network of agents and distributors around the world, supported by well- organised after-sales service centres staffed by qualified and trained technicians.

Scaglia INDEVA® has been providing reliable technology to aid the handling of loads since 1975