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Overhead lifting equipment for loading a lathe

INDEVA®, model Liftronic® Easy E80R, overhead mounted manipulator complete with gripping tool by vacuum for lifting long steel tubes and releasing them into a lathe. An Indeva is the most productive and efficient way for loading a lathe with heavy tubes because, thanks to its auto balancing feature, the operator can lift tubes with different […]


Lifting equipment INDEVA® for cardboard boxes with 90° rotation

This INDEVA® features a gripping tool (end effector) equipped with vacuum cups suitable for cardboard boxes of different sizes. The size of the end effector with handles is custom designed in order allow the introduction of even the smallest case into the carton pallet. The gripping tool is equipped with a 90° rotation device. By […]


Lifting equipment for bags, boxes,drums and jars

This industrial manipulator is an intelligent device for handling INDEVA®. It is equipped with a four face end effector: for jars by means of a hook and for bags, cases and drums by means of vacuum. By means of a manual rotation the end effector is quickly and simply adjusted for the load to lift […]


Vacuum lifter INDEVA® to lift cardboard cases and position them into a bigger case

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Vacuum Grip with load gripping system by vacuum to lift cardboard cases. The cases must be positioned into a larger case; to this end the handles have been specially designed for allowing the end effector (gripping tool) to be lowered deep into the larger case. The INDEVA® vacuum lifter is truly […]


Lifting cheese blocks by vacuum: INDEVA® is the most efficient solution

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Easy has successfully met the need for more productivity, ergonomics and safety for the handling of cheese blocks. INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy with gripping tool equipped with circular vacuum pad suitable for food handling. Liftronic® Easy is the cutting edge technology solution that costs a little more than an old fashioned hoist […]


Handling radiators unto painting line

This Company had to load radiators unto a moving painting line in a quick and safe way. They needed to equip the operator with a lifting aid that could allow quick and precise movements. Traditional industrial manipulators with pneumatic control could not satisfy this demand due to two main reasons: a) due to typical air […]

Handling large size glass doors

Handling large size glass doors

Industrial manipulator INDEVA® model Liftronic® Pro rail mounted with vacuum gripping system for handling large size glass doors. Complete with 90° load  rotation device.


Handling large size glass panels

A Company needed to improve safety in the manual handling of large glass panels of different sizes (2m x 2m; 2m x 025m; 4m x 1m) and at the same time needed to ensure constant production output. After evaluation of different solutions only an INDEVA®, Liftronic® series has showed to be the ideal one.. Handling […]


Auto weight sense and auto balancing system for handling cases and pallets

A company that manufactures door and windows hinges, needed a solution that could make the handling of cases and pallets safer and faster. The cases to handle are of different weights and sizes. HANDLING CYCLE Gripping the load from pallet placed on an elevating platform at varying heights from 50 to 1500 mm Load release […]