Handling yarn reels

Yarn reels

An INDEVA® Liftronic® Series with orbital tool head is the most suitable solution for loading yarn reels unto creels.

cloth roll handling equipment

Handling cloth rolls quickly and safely

Handling cloth rolls in textile industry by means of an INDEVA® makes life easier for the operator and production operations are quicker and safer. Fot more info and for receiveing a quick budgetary quote please click here and fill in a brief form

Handling reels with INDEVA Orbital Tool Head

INDEVA Orbital Tool Head

INDEVA Orbital Tool Head is the state of the art solution for handling reels. For loading creels, for packing reels into boxes etc… INDEVA Orbital Tool Head features unique technology: electronic control for precise load positioning and directio change high safety  against load drop automatic barycentre adjust device Read all the advantages of an INDEVA

Handling reels in textile industry

Manipulator for yarn reels in textile industry since 1970

Manipulator for yarn reels Liftronic® has been around in the textile industry since 1970. Company Scaglia launched this innovative electric lift assist device for the textile industry back in the ’70s. Its advantages were right away appreciated both by the Company management and the workers. A Liftronic® manipulator, in fact, was a revolution for the…

Handling yarn reels

Handling yarn reels by means of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro with orbital tool head

Handling yarn reels safely, precisely and quickly by means of an INDEVA® Handling yarn reels in textile industry by means of an industrial manipulator model LIFTRONIC® is a smart solution that Scaglia INDEVA®  has been offering to Companies in the textile industry sector since 1975.  The typical end effector for handling and rotating reels  and …

Manejo de bobinas por gravedad cero

Overhead Crane zero gravity manipulator for handling yarn reels

Handling yarn reels with an INDEVA® model Liftronic®. Complete with orbital tool head for gripping a reel in horizontal position and release it in vertical position  effortlessly and with precise and quick movements. Quick, safe and precise movements allow for more productivity safety and ergonomics.