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INDEVA® for the Beverage industry

Beverage Industry needs maximum efficiency along the whole production line. The Beverage industry is present in almost all countries of the world with plants where all production phases are carried out by means of automatic lines from  blow moulding to  filling, capping, labelling and at the end of the line also packaging either using shrinkwrappers […]

INDEVA at Sheffield’s G. M. Festival

INDEVA® at Sheffield’s G. M. Festival

Scaglia INDEVA® was invited to participate at the Sheffield Global Manufacturing Festival in Uk on the 25th June 2014. Sheffield festival is a trade show of products at the cutting edge of technology and services  from the advanced manufacturing and materials industry, that are critical to the UK’s success. The trade show was complimented by […]

Order Picker INDEVA® Liftruck®

With an order picker INDEVA® Liftruck® you can take cases of reelsfrom warehouse to creels, collect empty cardboards, upload creels effortlessly.


How to lift reels of 110 kg and load them into a machine effortlessly

INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro with custom gripping tool for handling long reels and rolls. A famous Italian company installed a new line with female employees in charge of loading the machines with reels and needed a manipulator capable of lifting paper rolls of 130 kg. The operations that had to be performed in a safe and […]


Order picker with INDEVA® manipulator for reels.

Scaglia INDEVA® S.p.A has recently supplied to a Manufacturer of polymers, 15 order pickers complete with manipulator INDEVA® for handling reels up to 3500 mm height. These INDEVA® Liftrucks are complete reel handling workstations which include the order picker truck, the Liftronic balancer with 1300 mm long two-joint arm, reel handling tool head. The tool […]

Manejo de bobinas por gravedad cero

Overhead Crane zero gravity manipulator for handling yarn reels

Handling yarn reels with an INDEVA® model Liftronic®. Complete with orbital tool head for gripping a reel in horizontal position and release it in vertical position  effortlessly and with precise and quick movements. Quick, safe and precise movements allow for more productivity safety and ergonomics.


Zero Gravity Load Balancer

Scaglia Indeva is leader in the supply of state of the art zero gravity load balancers. Our zero gravity balancers allow for smooth and quick load handling with very low human effort (just a few grams of force is required). The INDEVA zero gravity balancers are the ideal solution for quick and rapid movements for […]