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Manipulator Liftronic® for handling reels of packaging paper in Poland

INDEVA® Liftronic® with orbital tool head and expanding chuck for handling reels of packaging paper quickly, precisely and safely. An automatic barycentre adjust device allows to mantain perfect balance condition at all times, with or without the reel and no matter if the reel length varies.  


INDEVA® for the Beverage industry

Beverage Industry needs maximum efficiency along the whole production line. The Beverage industry is present in almost all countries of the world with plants where all production phases are carried out by means of automatic lines from  blow moulding to  filling, capping, labelling and at the end of the line also packaging either using shrinkwrappers […]

INDEVA at Sheffield’s G. M. Festival

INDEVA® at Sheffield’s G. M. Festival

Scaglia INDEVA® was invited to participate at the Sheffield Global Manufacturing Festival in Uk on the 25th June 2014. Sheffield festival is a trade show of products at the cutting edge of technology and services  from the advanced manufacturing and materials industry, that are critical to the UK’s success. The trade show was complimented by […]

Order Picker INDEVA® Liftruck®

With an order picker INDEVA® Liftruck® you can take cases of reelsfrom warehouse to creels, collect empty cardboards, upload creels effortlessly.