Indeva intelligent devices for handling pipes

Tenaris choose INDEVA for the supply of Intelligent Devices for Handling in all their plants.

Tenaris Group manufacture large pipes for oil industry; they have production plants in different countries and  have recently inaugurated their new plant in Kazakistan. INDEVA was chosen because we are the only supplier that could satisfy all the essential requirements for the applications in Tenaris plants. Surely Tenaris needed a supplier with an extensive expertise…

Liftronic  Air overhead mounted

Liftronic® Air for screwing couplings onto large pipes

Handling and screwing couplings onto large pipes effortlessly Screwing couplings onto large pipes has never been so easy ! Life changed for the workers of a Pipe manufacturing company. Liftronic® Air is the intelligent solution that provides quick, smooth and safe movements in all phases of the work cycle: from lifting, to rotating and screwing…

manipulator for pipe couplings

Manipulator for pipe couplings of different sizes

Handling pipe couplings of different sizes at zero gravity condition An INDEVA® Manipulator equipped with end effector for handling pipe couplings  along the greasing line has successfully satisfied the demand for more productivity and ergonomics in a large manufacturing Company. By using this INDEVA® manipulator, the operator can pick two pipe couplings at the time,…

производство крупных труб в нефтяной промышленности

Handling Pipes in Petroleum Industry

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Air is the most suitable and smartest solution for handling large and heavy pipes in Petroleum industry An INDEVA® Liftronic Air  has got the strenght of pneumatic drive and the fine control for smooth and precise movements of the electronic control!  Read more on Liftronic® Air advantages. Read more and watch…

Manipulación de cilindros hidráulicos con el manipulador de carriles INDEVA. El autoequilibrio y la ergonomía ayudan al operador en todas las operaciones

Indeva industrial Manipulator

Handle hydraulic cylinders in total ergonomics and safety. The positioning of the load will be incredibly precise and without any impact.


Handling device for hydraulic cylinders

A hoist with a hook as end effector did not comply with  safety and ergonomics  regulations. A Company producing earth work machine was used to have chain hoists for handling hydraulics cylinders at the paint line. The risk of accidental fall of the hydraulic cylinders and injure for operators was high. The need for the…