Overhead Liftronic® in place of hoists for electric motor assembly line

A large and well-known Company in China manufactures electric motors for the Automotive, Industrial Machines, and Mineral Industries. They have decided to replace all their cranes and hoists with the INDEVA ® crane system and overhead rail mounted Liftronic® in order to improve their production as well as their safety at work standard. Precise movements…

Liftronic-Air 400 Intelligent Lift Assist Device with capacity up to 400 kg

Overhead rail mounted Liftronic Air 400

Liftronic Air 400: an INDEVA Intelligent Lift Assist Device with load capacity up to 400 kg. Overhead rail mounted with custom gripper for handling large industrial electric motors.

linear chuck for crates - zero gravity handling

Handling crates at zero gravity condition

Handling system for lifting and moving crates at zero gravity condition Up/down moves with a finger touch No inertia forces: no bumps for a very precise and quick load positioning Zero gravity condition for loads up to 320 kg  

Handling reels with INDEVA Orbital Tool Head

INDEVA Orbital Tool Head

INDEVA Orbital Tool Head is the state of the art solution for handling reels. For loading creels, for packing reels into boxes etc… INDEVA Orbital Tool Head features unique technology: electronic control for precise load positioning and directio change high safety  against load drop automatic barycentre adjust device Read all the advantages of an INDEVA


Ergonomic material handling at a vertical automatic warehouse

INDEVA® turn-key solution for load handling to/from a vertical automatic warehouse A well known Company in North Italy has commissioned Scaglia INDEVA® the design and production of a solution for handling the material out of a vertical automatic warehouse in an ergonomic, safe and, at the same time, efficient way. Need for an ergonomic, yet…

Handling yarn reels

Handling yarn reels by means of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro with orbital tool head

Handling yarn reels safely, precisely and quickly by means of an INDEVA® Handling yarn reels in textile industry by means of an industrial manipulator model LIFTRONIC® is a smart solution that Scaglia INDEVA®  has been offering to Companies in the textile industry sector since 1975.  The typical end effector for handling and rotating reels  and …

INDEVA® manipulator with vacuum gripper and ergonomic handles

INDEVA®  vacuum gripper with overturning handles for handling cases up high easily and ergonomically. INDEVA® Manipulator model Liftronic® Pro   with vacuum gripper  and ergonomic handles. Ergonomics and safety are major focus in the design of all INDEVA® gripping tools and end effectors. Read More on INDEVA® Technology Download pdf on INDEVA® Technology

Handling yarn reels with INDEVA

Handling yarn reels with an INDEVA® Liftronic® with orbital head

 An INDEVA® model Liftronic® can be equipped with light orbital tool head for handling yarn reels. The tool head turns the reel by 90° with a simple and quick click.   This  tool head combined with the electronic  control and auto balancing features of an INDEVA® allow the worker to handle reels, pick them from pallet,…

Handling 2 jars at a time

Overhead mounted industrial manipulator INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy complete with a standard gripping tool for handling two jars at a time.

Handling cardboard cases of different sizes

Handling cardboard cases by means of a Liftronic® Easy overhead rail mounted, complete with an INDEVA®  Scissor Type Pantograph Chuck. A very user friendly load handling solution: the rail mounted  Liftronic® Easy is light weight and compact, easy to install and to mantain; light to move along the horizontal axis; auto balancing allowing zero gravity …


A quick and effortless assembly of lawnmowers

To assembly lawnmowers a Company needed two workers who manually had to pick, lift, rotate by 180° and precisely position the product (weighing 30 kg) on the assembly line: this operation required consistent physical strain with non ergonomic movements for the two workers, with consequent risk of product damage and cumulative trauma injuries. Furthermore the…


Overhead lifting equipment for loading a lathe

INDEVA®, model Liftronic® Easy E80R, overhead mounted manipulator complete with gripping tool by vacuum for lifting long steel tubes and releasing them into a lathe. An Indeva is the most productive and efficient way for loading a lathe with heavy tubes because, thanks to its auto balancing feature, the operator can lift tubes with different…


Picking Area: moving 6 cases at a time effortlessly, quickly and safely

A Company in the beverage distribution business has installed 3 INDEVA® manipulators with jointed arms under 40 m. long overhead rail to move cases. Equipped with an easy-to-adjust lifting tool that allows picking from 1 to 6 cases a time. A pneumatic device for the automatic barycentre keeps the gripper in a perfect vertical position…

Manejo de bobinas por gravedad cero

Overhead Crane zero gravity manipulator for handling yarn reels

Handling yarn reels with an INDEVA® model Liftronic®. Complete with orbital tool head for gripping a reel in horizontal position and release it in vertical position  effortlessly and with precise and quick movements. Quick, safe and precise movements allow for more productivity safety and ergonomics.

Handling large size glass doors

Handling large size glass doors

Industrial manipulator INDEVA® model Liftronic® Pro rail mounted with vacuum gripping system for handling large size glass doors. Complete with 90° load  rotation device.

lifting equipment for cardboard cases

Intelligent vacuum lifting equipment for cardboard cases

Scaglia INDEVA® has supplied the optimal solution for handling cases in a warehouse where cases are stacked up to 2.8 m height. Cases have to be picked at different heights up to 2.8 m in a quick and precise way and this operation is carried out frequently during the work day. This is why no…

handling cycle

Self balancing zero gravity lift device for handling car doors

The hereby illustrated solution is an INDEVA®, a latest generation industrial manipulator for handling car doors. HANDLING CYCLE Picking from container, door in vertical position leaning on its long side, 90° rotation; release on a special trolley, door in vertical position leaning on its short side; The Indeva is rail mounted. The bridge rail is…


Rail mounted pneumatic manipulator for handling LCD

A TV set  manufacturer  needs to handle 4 different types of LCD TV sets, weighing max 35 kg. The manual handling required the operator a non ergonomic effort. The problem has been solved with a pneumatic rail mounted manipulator PN series by Scaglia INDEVA®. Now the operator lifts the TV set by means of the…


Handling device for hydraulic cylinders

A hoist with a hook as end effector did not comply with  safety and ergonomics  regulations. A Company producing earth work machine was used to have chain hoists for handling hydraulics cylinders at the paint line. The risk of accidental fall of the hydraulic cylinders and injure for operators was high. The need for the…


Self balancing manipulator in a legatory Company

New life for the people working in an Italian legatory where 10 overhead rail mounted electronic manipulators, Intelligent Devices for Handling (INDEVA®) model Liftronic® Easy, were supplied by Scaglia INDEVA®!! Balancers mounted on trolleys sliding on overhead rails 30 m long. Thanks to the self balancing manipulator feature which is unique for the INDEVA® systems,…


Self balancing zero gravity manipulators for handling gardrails

Zero Gravity Manipulators – Intelligent lifting devices  with dual magnet end effector. A company in the business of galvanization zinc plating has bought 30 INDEVA® manipulators, some column mounted with jointed arm and some rail mounted. The manipulators are used to help the operators load the beams unto the racks. This company chose INDEVA® manipulators…