Lift and handle cases with liftronic Easy 6

Lift and handle cases with an extension of your arm!

Lift and handle heavy loads easily – with the Liftronic Easy-6!
This linear pantograph is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to grip or release the load by simply laying the gripper on the load, thus enabling one-hand operation. Relieve your employees and increase your productivity – Scaglia INDEVA has the right solution for your handling task, too!

Easy applications

The most versatile Lift Assist Device in the world

The standard Lift Assist Device “Liftronic Easy” can be equipped with different grippers for handling a wide range of load types, shapes and sizes.
Exchanging grippers is easy and quick thanks to a quick coupling device.
All grippers are endowed of safety devices and are designed according to ergonomics principles.

Moving and positioning electromechanic devices

Moving and positioning electromechanic devices with INDEVA®

Moving and positioning heavy electromechanic devices with INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy. By means of an INDEVA® Linear Pantograph it is possible to handle electromechanic devices of different sizes by a simple and quick adjustment of the jaw stroke.


Handling Cardboard boxes

INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy complete with Linear Pantograph Chuck for handling cardboard  boxes Linear Pantograph Chuck is a standard gripping tool for an INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy.A Linear Pantograph chuck can be equipped with different types of jaws  or pins to suit different loads. In this case it is equipped with jaws for  cardboard boxes  that can…

linear chuck for crates - zero gravity handling

Handling crates at zero gravity condition

Handling system for lifting and moving crates at zero gravity condition Up/down moves with a finger touch No inertia forces: no bumps for a very precise and quick load positioning Zero gravity condition for loads up to 320 kg  

Linear Pantograph Chuck

Handling rigid crates

Handling rigid crates by means of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy complete with an INDEVA® Linear Pantograph Chuck  turns your material handling task really ergonomic and safe. Very precise and natural movements thank to the electronic control. The highest level of safety against sudden and unwanted moves. Crates of diferent weights can be moved and handled…

Liftronic Easy column mounted manipulator with jointed arm

Manipulator for cases INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy

Manipulator for cases INDEVA® allows for quick, precise and safe movements. Industrial manipulator INDEVA® (Intelligent Assist Device) model Liftronic® Easy complete with a Linear Pantograph Chuck is the ideal solution for handling cases with different weights in quick and  repetitive work cycles. Its electronic control allows for real time responsiveness of the balancing and handling…


Zero gravity balancer, intelligent lift assist device for handling concrete blocks

Long and heavy concrete bars have to be manually moved from one place to another. This operation required 2 men and it implied hazards to the operators and material safety. They needed a solution that could meet their need for more productivity, more saftety amd more ergonomics. The solution has been an INDEVA®! An electronic…