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Bridgeston-order picker for reels

INDEVA® manipulators for tire manufacturing process

World leader tire manufacturers with highly efficient tire manufacturing process repeatedly choose INDEVA® manipulators for handling loads in different areas. Although most companies in the tyre industry use modern and automatic lines for almost all phases of their tire manufacturing process, there are still some operations that involve load manual handling. In order to keep [...]

Order Picker INDEVA® Liftruck®

With an order picker INDEVA® Liftruck® you can take cases of reelsfrom warehouse to creels, collect empty cardboards, upload creels effortlessly.


Order picker with INDEVA® manipulator for reels.

Scaglia INDEVA® S.p.A has recently supplied to a Manufacturer of polymers, 15 order pickers complete with manipulator INDEVA® for handling reels up to 3500 mm height. These INDEVA® Liftrucks are complete reel handling workstations which include the order picker truck, the Liftronic balancer with 1300 mm long two-joint arm, reel handling tool head. The tool […]