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Liftronic  Air

Liftronic® Air INDEVA® – intelligent lifting system

Liftronic® Air belongs to the Intelligent Devices for Handling class of industrial manipulators. They feature rigid parallelogram arm alike the pneumatic manipulators of the PN Series, and the intelligent control system of the Liftronic® series. They are therefore the leading-edge technology for handling loads offset loads Liftronic® Air are the leading-edge technology for handling  offset […]

pipes in petroleum industry

Handling Pipes in Petroleum Industry

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Air is the most suitable and smartest solution for handling large and heavy pipes in Petroleum industry An INDEVA® Liftronic Air  has got the strenght of pneumatic drive and the fine control for smooth and precise movements of the electronic control!  Read more on Liftronic® Air advantages. Read more and watch […]