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Industrial Manipulator for handling drums and empty them with ease and precision

Liftronic Air for handling drums

Liftronic Air for handling drums: electronic control and pneumatic drive allows to lift and empty heavy drums easily, precisely and safely.


Handling large tractor sides

A large and worldwide known Tractor Manufacturer has chosen an INDEVA solution for handling large tractor sides of different weights up to 60 kg.


Liftronic® Air: New generation rigid arm industrial manipulator with electronic control.

Liftronic  Air overhead mounted

Liftronic® Air for screwing couplings onto large pipes

Handling and screwing couplings onto large pipes effortlessly Screwing couplings onto large pipes has never been so easy ! Life changed for the workers of a Pipe manufacturing company. Liftronic® Air is the intelligent solution that provides quick, smooth and safe movements in all phases of the work cycle: from lifting, to rotating and screwing […]

Liftronic® Air for handling parts of truck axles

A rigid arm manipulator with autobalancing feature For this application customer required a rigid arm solution because their  workers were already used to work with rigid arm manipulators. They need to lift and move parts of truck axles of different weights in a casual sequence, therefore needed a system that doesn't have to be adjusted [...]


Liftronic® Air for handling car dashboard in Automotive industry

This video shows an INDEVA Liftronic Air in the production line of the "Smart" car of  Mercedes-Benz, for handling and precisely positioning car dashboards. Read more on Liftronic® Air Liftronic® Air has been chosen by large Companies in the Automotive industry because it actually is the latest technology for  handling a car dashboard. Liftronic® Air [...]

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Manipulator for forty six different types of large trolleys for Food Industry

Handling  large trolleys of different sizes with one Intelligent Lift Assist Device A Company manufacturing trolleys for shop floor material handling needed a lift assist device for handling 46 different types of large trolleys at the sealing stage of their production line Loads to be handled: 46 diferent types of large trolleys for Food Industry: […]


Metal crates in Aerospace Industry handled by means of a Liftronic® Air Manipulator

Metal crates must be moved and emptied at very high temperatures A Company that manufactures parts for the  Aerospace industry  needs to pickle metal parts. This manufacturing stage needed a load handling system for picking, rotating and moving  metal crates containing the metal parts to be pickled. The required material handling solution needed to perform […]

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LIFTRONIC® AIR: the intelligent parallelogram arm manipulator

Liftronic® Air: electronic control - pneumatic drive Environmental considerations play a big part in the decision making There is a firm commitment in the world to control emissions and reduce the carbon footprint in business generally. This is very important in car manufacturing plants that are in competition with  each other around the globe to [...]