Scania Brazil chose INDEVA for handling different components in automotive industry

Scania Brazil chose INDEVA®

Handling and rotation of components for the automotive industry in zero gravity conditions thanks to the INDEVA intelligent devices for handling


Handling meat

The only solution for the handling of meat during slaughter and cutting is an INDEVA® intelligent lift assist device, equipped with an electronic control system and electric drive.

Industrial Manipulator for handling drums and empty them with ease and precision

Liftronic Air for handling drums

Liftronic Air for handling drums: electronic control and pneumatic drive allows to lift and empty heavy drums easily, precisely and safely.


Handling large tractor sides

A large and worldwide known Tractor Manufacturer has chosen an INDEVA solution for handling large tractor sides of different weights up to 60 kg.

An INDEVA manipulator acts as an extension of the human arm to stock tire rims deep onto shelves

How to stock tire rims onto shelves quickly and effortlessly.

An INDEVA allows for smooth and quick, yet very precise movements that to its electronic control technology; the operator can pick, move and release the tire rims deep into the shelves keeping an ergonomic position all the time.
To stock tires onto shelves an INDEVA Linear Manipulator is the state of the art solution.



Indeva intelligent devices for handling pipes



Indeva Manipulators for handling long bars and guadrails provide significant improve of safety, ergonomics and productivity.


Foundry Casting Items

Scaglia INDEVA® supplies custom solutions for handling components in and out high temperature ovens.


Bag emptying

The INDEVA®s allow bag emptying /filling in a very ergonomic, safe and natural way.



With our solutions you can handle all kind of bumpers.



With INDEVA® you can easily handle all kind of doors.



An INDEVA® is the most suitable solution for handling motorbikes pieces.



Safe handling of glasses in automotive industry



Handling car sides on the production line with INDEVA®intelligent lift assist devices.


Tire rims

With INDEVA® you can easily handle all kind of rims.