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INDEVA® manipulator with vacuum gripper and ergonomic handles

INDEVA®  vacuum gripper with overturning handles for handling cases up high easily and ergonomically. INDEVA® Manipulator model Liftronic® Pro   with vacuum gripper  and ergonomic handles. Ergonomics and safety are major focus in the design of all INDEVA® gripping tools and end effectors. Read More on INDEVA® Technology Download pdf on INDEVA® Technology

zero gravity lifting aids for handling cylinders

Self balancing zero gravity lifting aids for handling cylinders

One self balancing Manipulator with three end-efectors Here’s an  INDEVA® model  Liftronic®Pro equipped with three different end effectors for  grabbing cylinders: one  from the cylinder inner side, another from the cylinder outer side, and another for grabbing the bush to be placed into the cylinder.  The end effector is pneumatically driven by means of a [...]


An intelligent work assistant device (IWAD) for manual production tasks.

The mission of Cybermans project is the development of advanced instruments to support the design methods and applications of technologies for fast and flexible Manufacturing operations. European project Cybermans. The research activities of CyberMans project are all directed towards the achievement of two main product outputs: a software interface for work activity simulation and an INTELLIGENT [...]


Self balancing zero gravity manipulators for handling gardrails

Zero Gravity Manipulators - Intelligent lifting devices  with dual magnet end effector. A company in the business of galvanization zinc plating has bought 30 INDEVA® manipulators, some column mounted with jointed arm and some rail mounted. The manipulators are used to help the operators load the beams unto the racks. This company chose INDEVA® manipulators [...]

magnet end-effector for handling iron tubes

Lift assist devices with dual magnet end-effector for handling iron tubes

An electronic industrial manipulator (intelligent device for handling) model INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro for handling iron tubes has improved productivity and shortened cycle time. By means of a dual magnet end effector it is possible to grip two tubes at the time. The two magnets are at different heights and the operator can move them upwards [...]

Intelligent Assist Devices – IADs

Intelligent Assist Devices – IADs

Intelligent Assist Devices (IADs) are the state of the art lifting technology. Presently, lift devices may be classified as either intelligent assist devices (IADs) or traditional lift devices. As specified by the Robotics Industry Association (2002), an IAD is “a single or multiple axis device that employs a hybrid programmable computer-human control system to provide […]