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Indeva intelligent devices for handling pipes

Bag emptying

The INDEVA®s allow bag emptying /filling in a very ergonomic, safe and natural way.


INDEVA® in China

Many Companies in China  can already witness the advantages of using INDEVA® industrial manipulators and the demand for intelligent devices for handling is now growing  in China; more and more Companies are realizing the benefit deriving from using  the intelligent industrial manipulators INDEVA® instead of hoists and traditional manipulators:  more user friendly and ergonomic the […]


Self balancing zero gravity manipulators for handling gardrails

Zero Gravity Manipulators - Intelligent lifting devices  with dual magnet end effector. A company in the business of galvanization zinc plating has bought 30 INDEVA® manipulators, some column mounted with jointed arm and some rail mounted. The manipulators are used to help the operators load the beams unto the racks. This company chose INDEVA® manipulators [...]