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Manipulator for forty six different types of large trolleys for Food Industry

Handling  large trolleys of different sizes with one Intelligent Lift Assist Device A Company manufacturing trolleys for shop floor material handling needed a lift assist device for handling 46 different types of large trolleys at the sealing stage of their production line Loads to be handled: 46 diferent types of large trolleys for Food Industry: […]


Stainless steel Manipulator for Food Industry

The INDEVA® lift assist devices can be supplied with all parts in stainless steel to suit hygiene requirements in food Industry. Why an INDEVA® lift assist device is very far above the competition We supplied Intelligent Lift assist Devices Liftronic® Easy, completely in stainless steel and equipped with scissor pantograph chuck for handling meat blocks weighing up  […]

INDEVA for food industry

Load Balancer INDEVA® for handling hams

INDEVA® load balancer to handle  racks with HAMS at zero-gravity condition. Companies producing sausages and hams are generally equipped with automatic lines that end with a packaging machine for packing the hams into a plastic net, as the machie s produced by Tecnobrianza in Italy. Every 20 seconds, the packaging machine releases  1 hanger with [...]


Picking Area: moving 6 cases at a time effortlessly, quickly and safely

A Company in the beverage distribution business have installed 3 INDEVA® manipulators with jointed arm under a 40 m. long overhead rail to serve their picking area. Equipped with telescopic lifting tool that allows picking from 1 to 6 cases a time. A pneumatic device for the automatic barycentre keeps the gripping tooling in perfect […]


Lifting cheese blocks by vacuum: INDEVA® is the most efficient solution

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Easy has successfully met the need for more productivity, ergonomics and safety for the handling of cheese blocks. INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy with gripping tool equipped with circular vacuum pad suitable for food handling. Liftronic® Easy is the cutting edge technology solution that costs a little more than an old fashioned hoist […]