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производство крупных труб в нефтяной промышленности

Handling Pipes in Petroleum Industry

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Air is the most suitable and smartest solution for handling large and heavy pipes in Petroleum industry An INDEVA® Liftronic Air  has got the strenght of pneumatic drive and the fine control for smooth and precise movements of the electronic control!  Read more on Liftronic® Air advantages. Read more and watch […]

Manipulación de cilindros hidráulicos con el manipulador de carriles INDEVA. El autoequilibrio y la ergonomía ayudan al operador en todas las operaciones

Indeva industrial Manipulator

Handle hydraulic cylinders in total ergonomics and safety. The positioning of the load will be incredibly precise and without any impact.

zero gravity lifting aids for handling cylinders

Self balancing zero gravity lifting aids for handling cylinders

One self balancing Manipulator with three end-efectors Here’s an  INDEVA® model  Liftronic®Pro equipped with three different end effectors for  grabbing cylinders: one  from the cylinder inner side, another from the cylinder outer side, and another for grabbing the bush to be placed into the cylinder.  The end effector is pneumatically driven by means of a [...]