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Handling radiators unto painting line

This Company had to load radiators unto a moving painting line in a quick and safe way. They needed to equip the operator with a lifting aid that could allow quick and precise movements. Traditional industrial manipulators with pneumatic control could not satisfy this demand due to two main reasons: a) due to typical air […]


Handling device for hydraulic cylinders

A hoist with a hook as end effector did not comply with  safety and ergonomics  regulations. A Company producing earth work machine was used to have chain hoists for handling hydraulics cylinders at the paint line. The risk of accidental fall of the hydraulic cylinders and injure for operators was high. The need for the […]

zero gravity lifting aids for handling cylinders

Self balancing zero gravity lifting aids for handling cylinders

One self balancing Manipulator with three end-efectors Here’s an  INDEVA® model  Liftronic®Pro equipped with three different end effectors for  grabbing cylinders: one  from the cylinder inner side, another from the cylinder outer side, and another for grabbing the bush to be placed into the cylinder.  The end effector is pneumatically driven by means of a [...]


Electric hoist vs. INDEVA®, the evoluted material handling solution

More and more companies are recognizing the advantages the INDEVA® manipulators bring as far as productivity and safety are concerned. The future is at your fingertips with the incredible Liftronic® Easy single phase 240 or 110 volt handling system. This is a true electronic auto weight sense balancer with speeds up to 10 times faster [...]

magnet end-effector for handling iron tubes

Lift assist devices with dual magnet end-effector for handling iron tubes

An electronic industrial manipulator (intelligent device for handling) model INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro for handling iron tubes has improved productivity and shortened cycle time. By means of a dual magnet end effector it is possible to grip two tubes at the time. The two magnets are at different heights and the operator can move them upwards [...]