Lift and handle cases with liftronic Easy 6

Lift and handle cases with an extension of your arm!

Lift and handle heavy loads easily – with the Liftronic Easy-6!
This linear pantograph is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to grip or release the load by simply laying the gripper on the load, thus enabling one-hand operation. Relieve your employees and increase your productivity – Scaglia INDEVA has the right solution for your handling task, too!


The INDEVA® manipulators are the winning solution for handling cases in all industry sectors.

Scissor Pantograph Chuck

Piling up heavy boxes with ease and speed

Piling up heavy boxes can’t be easier than with an INDEVA Liftronic Easy! Piling up boxes: watch how easy, intutive and natural the handling of heavy and bulky boxes is with an INDEVA Liftronic Easy. Liftronic Easy stops exactly when and where you want it to stop No jerks, no inertial moves, only real time…

Linear Pantograph Chuck

Handling rigid crates

Handling rigid crates by means of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy complete with an INDEVA® Linear Pantograph Chuck  turns your material handling task really ergonomic and safe. Very precise and natural movements thank to the electronic control. The highest level of safety against sudden and unwanted moves. Crates of diferent weights can be moved and handled…

Liftronic Easy column mounted manipulator with jointed arm

Manipulator for cases INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy

Manipulator for cases INDEVA® allows for quick, precise and safe movements. Industrial manipulator INDEVA® (Intelligent Assist Device) model Liftronic® Easy complete with a Linear Pantograph Chuck is the ideal solution for handling cases with different weights in quick and  repetitive work cycles. Its electronic control allows for real time responsiveness of the balancing and handling…

INDEVA® manipulator with vacuum gripper and ergonomic handles

INDEVA®  vacuum gripper with overturning handles for handling cases up high easily and ergonomically. INDEVA® Manipulator model Liftronic® Pro   with vacuum gripper  and ergonomic handles. Ergonomics and safety are major focus in the design of all INDEVA® gripping tools and end effectors. Read More on INDEVA® Technology Download pdf on INDEVA® Technology

сборщик заказов для текстильной промышленности

Order Picker INDEVA® Liftruck®

With an order picker INDEVA® Liftruck® you can take cases of reelsfrom warehouse to creels, collect empty cardboards, upload creels effortlessly.


Picking Area: moving 6 cases at a time effortlessly, quickly and safely

A Company in the beverage distribution business has installed 3 INDEVA® manipulators with jointed arms under 40 m. long overhead rail to move cases. Equipped with an easy-to-adjust lifting tool that allows picking from 1 to 6 cases a time. A pneumatic device for the automatic barycentre keeps the gripper in a perfect vertical position…


Auto weight sense and auto balancing system for handling cases and pallets

A company that manufactures door and windows hinges, needed a solution that could make the handling of cases and pallets safer and faster. The cases to handle are of different weights and sizes. HANDLING CYCLE Gripping the load from pallet placed on an elevating platform at varying heights from 50 to 1500 mm Load release…

lifting 3 cases at a time

Lifting 3 cases at a time effortlessly

A well known publishing Company needed to improve productivity and find a quicker and safer way to lift cases full of books from the pallet and move them unto the conveyor. Each case weighs about 60 kg. and the operation is repeated several times a day; the manual handling was too slow and unsafe; a…