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INDEVA® material handling solution for lifting bags in chemical industry

Lift assist devices for handling paper or plastic bags are required in a soap powder factory. Workers  of a Company manufacturing mixtures for soaps must handle plastic or paper bags  weighing about 25 kg in very frequent and repetitive work cycles. Manual load handling without any  lift assist device is not allowed as it can be [...]


Vacuum lifter INDEVA® to lift cardboard cases and position them into a bigger case

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Vacuum Grip with load gripping system by vacuum to lift cardboard cases. The cases must be positioned into a larger case; to this end the handles have been specially designed for allowing the end effector (gripping tool) to be lowered deep into the larger case. The INDEVA® vacuum lifter is truly […]

lifting 3 cases at a time

Lifting 3 cases at a time effortlessly

A well known publishing Company needed to improve productivity and find a quicker and safer way to lift cases full of books from the pallet and move them unto the conveyor. Each case weighs about 60 kg. and the operation is repeated several times a day; the manual handling was too slow and unsafe; a […]