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agv at PSA

INDEVA® in the video of Peugeot Citroën

The latest technology is required for each part of the PSA Group’s assembly lines On their official Youtube channel PSA Group has recently published a video showing their assembly line for  Peugeot 3008 and you can see the INDEVA®  AGV at working starting from minute 1:43. Large companies in the Automotive industry, as well as […]


Liftronic® Air for handling car dashboard in Automotive industry

This video shows an INDEVA Liftronic Air in the production line of the "Smart" car of  Mercedes-Benz, for handling and precisely positioning car dashboards. Read more on Liftronic® Air Liftronic® Air has been chosen by large Companies in the Automotive industry because it actually is the latest technology for  handling a car dashboard. Liftronic® Air [...]

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INDEVA® manipulators for the Automotive Industry

INDEVA® manipulators for the automotive industry are the advanced  solutions for handling any vehicle part along the assembly line in a safe and ergonomic way. Manipulators for the Automotive industry must comply with strict safety standard. The INDEVA® lift assistors prooved to be the systems that can grant the highest safety level among those on […]

automotive industry

Automotive industry: INDEVA® for safe material handling

INDEVA® – LEADING THE WAY IN AUTOMOTIVE HANDLING SOLUTIONS Watch a video of an INDEVA® Liftronic® Air for handling large size parts in Automotive industry Watch a video of INDEVA® manipulators in use in a large Automotive plant The automotive industry is undoubtedly among the most advanced in applying the latest ergonomics principles in their [...]

Pirelli handle tires using an INDEVA®

Pirelli tires is a major customer of INDEVA® around the world and this year they installed  INDEVA®  manipulators in a Pirelli factory in Brazil! This confirms Pirelli’s policy to choose state of the art technology for handling tires in their plants. In Brazil there are 5 plants with over 6000 employees. Worldwide Pirelli works with  […]