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Handling plastic film reels in tyre industry

Handling plastic film reels in tyre industry

A well-known manufacturer of tyres for the automotive industry had to work with several operators to handle heavy reels of plastic film, weighing around 90kg. Scaglia INDEVA studied the customer's situation and developed a solution that best suited their needs. The result was a linear manipulator that supports the operator in picking up and positioning [...]

Air Conditioners

The intelligent lift assist devices INDEVA® for air conditioners in the automotive industry.

Back Doors

Industrial manipulators INDEVA® for car back doors make the task on assembly lines easy, effortless and truly ergonomic.


Handle car hoods in safety.


With our solutions you can handle all kind of bumpers.

Gear boxes

The complete solution for gear boxes.


With INDEVA® you can easily handle all kind of doors.

Rear Axle

Our solution for handling rear axels.


An INDEVA® is the most suitable solution for handling motorbikes pieces.