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INDEVA®s in all plant areas: more productivity with less effort

Scaglia INDEVA® has supplied the right solution for handling different parts of a power generator. Read here how the INDEVA® have improved productivity in all plant areas: Background, by the Plant Manager: Early March 2011 we attended the South East Manufacturing Exhibition in Farnborough where we first saw the INDEVA® lifting device. We invited the [...]


One manipulator only for lifting and handling 4 different types of packaging

Only one intelligent device for handling INDEVA®, column mounted with 2.5 m long jointed arm and equipped with a multi-face end effector, to lift bags, boxes and drums by means of vacuum and jars by means of a special hook. The INDEVA®, Liftronic® model, could fully satisfy the need this Company had to lift 4 […]


How to lift reels of 110 kg and load them into a machine effortlessly

INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro with custom gripping tool for handling long reels and rolls. A famous Italian company installed a new line with female employees in charge of loading the machines with reels and needed a manipulator capable of lifting paper rolls of 130 kg. The operations that had to be performed in a safe and […]


A quick and effortless assembly of lawnmowers

To assembly lawnmowers a Company needed two workers who manually had to pick, lift, rotate by 180° and precisely position the product (weighing 30 kg) on the assembly line: this operation required consistent physical strain with non ergonomic movements for the two workers, with consequent risk of product damage and cumulative trauma injuries. Furthermore the […]


Picking Area: moving 6 cases at a time effortlessly, quickly and safely

A Company in the beverage distribution business have installed 3 INDEVA® manipulators with jointed arm under a 40 m. long overhead rail to move cases. Equipped with telescopic lifting tool that allows picking from 1 to 6 cases a time. A pneumatic device for the automatic barycentre keeps the gripping tooling in perfect vertical position […]


Baggage handling by means of an INDEVA® Liftronic® EASY

Different Airport Handling Companies have installed INDEVA®s model Liftronic® Easy for handling baggage, in order to comply with the European Directives on Ergonomics and Safety in the manual material handling. The INDEVA® are known for being the solution that turns manual load handling really safe and ergonomic. The INDEVA®, in fact, feature the ability to respond […]


Lifting equipment INDEVA® for cardboard boxes with 90° rotation

This INDEVA® features a gripping tool (end effector) equipped with vacuum cups suitable for cardboard boxes of different sizes. The size of the end effector with handles is custom designed in order allow the introduction of even the smallest case into the carton pallet. The gripping tool is equipped with a 90° rotation device. By […]


Lifting equipment for bags, boxes,drums and jars

This industrial manipulator is an intelligent device for handling INDEVA®. It is equipped with a four face end effector: for jars by means of a hook and for bags, cases and drums by means of vacuum. By means of a manual rotation the end effector is quickly and simply adjusted for the load to lift […]


The easiest way to assemble an electric generator

Scaglia INDEVA® has supplied the right solution for handling all the components of an electric generator along the assembly line. Seven column mounted INDEVA® equipped with custom made end effectors; all the INDEVA® are ergonomically designed in order to ensure ergonomics and safety for the operator at each stage of work cycle. The INDEVA® are […]


Vacuum lifter INDEVA® to lift cardboard cases and position them into a bigger case

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Vacuum Grip with load gripping system by vacuum to lift cardboard cases. The cases must be positioned into a larger case; to this end the handles have been specially designed for allowing the end effector (gripping tool) to be lowered deep into the larger case. The INDEVA® vacuum lifter is truly […]


Lifting cheese blocks by vacuum: INDEVA® is the most efficient solution

An INDEVA® model Liftronic® Easy has successfully met the need for more productivity, ergonomics and safety for the handling of cheese blocks. INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy with gripping tool equipped with circular vacuum pad suitable for food handling. Liftronic® Easy is the cutting edge technology solution that costs a little more than an old fashioned hoist […]