INDEVA Lean System® modular tugger carts can be used in a train set or individually for being towed by an AGV.

Our modular trolleys are light, easy and safe to manoeuvre.

INDEVA® modular tow trucks are an innovative and highly efficient solution for internal logistics in production units. Designed to be easily connected to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), these trucks enable the automated transport of components and products without the need for a driver, optimising production processes and improving overall productivity.

This type of combined solution contributes to significant savings in terms of time and costs, significantly increasing operator productivity and eliminating waste; not for nothing have they been among the most requested solutions by major automotive brands such as PSA.

Key Features

🔹 Modularity and Flexibility: INDEVA® modular trolleys can be quickly configured and adapted to the specific needs of your production. The modular design allows elements to be easily added or removed, ensuring a tailor-made solution for every logistical need.

🔹 Integration with AGVs: Designed for perfect compatibility with automated guided vehicles, INDEVA® trucks can be quickly connected and disconnected from AGVs. This allows a continuous flow of materials without interruption, improving operational efficiency.

🔹 Automatic Transport: Thanks to integration with AGVs, INDEVA® modular trucks can transport components and products autonomously within production units. This reduces the need for human intervention, minimising errors and increasing safety in the workplace.

🔹 Robustness and Durability: Constructed from high quality materials, INDEVA® trailer trolleys offer a long operating life and can withstand heavy loads, ensuring reliability and durability.

Advantages of INDEVA® Modular Trolleys

  1. Process optimisation: The use of modular AGVs makes it possible to optimise the workflow, reducing transport times and improving coordination between the different stages of production.
  2. Reduction of Operating Costs: Automating internal transport reduces the need for dedicated personnel to move materials, lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency.
  3. Increased Safety: Integration with AGVs eliminates the need for manual handling, reducing the risk of accidents and improving the safety of the working environment.
  4. Production Flexibility: The modularity of the trucks allows the logistics layout to be quickly adapted to production needs, providing greater flexibility and responsiveness to market changes.

Applications of INDEVA® Modular Trolleys

  • Assembly and Production: Ideal for transporting components along assembly lines, improving material flow and reducing waiting times.
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres: Perfect for the automated handling of goods, optimising the storage and distribution of products.
  • Automotive sector: Used for transporting parts and components between different work stations, improving internal logistics.

Why Choose INDEVA®?

INDEVA® is a leader in innovative logistics solutions, with an ongoing commitment to research and development of advanced technologies. Our modular trolleys combined with automated guided vehicles offer a complete and integrated solution to optimise your production and improve operational efficiency.

Discover how INDEVA® modular tow trucks can revolutionise your production unit logistics. Contact us today for a personal consultation and more information on our products.

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