Pneumatic industrial manipulators

PN COMPATTO are pneumatic industrial manipulators with rigid vertical arm, suitable for applications in small size, low ceiling work areas.

"PN Compatto" Versions

Main features:

  • Lift speed from 15 to 30 m/min
  • Control: pneumatic
  • Air pressure: min 6 bars
  • Work Temperatures: from +5° to +50° C
  • Noise level: <70 dB
  • Main column axis brake
  • Intermediate joint axis brake
  • Continuous column rotation
  • Safety devices: in case of pressure failure a safety devices retains the grip on the load, and the tooling descends slowly till the floor. Special brakes keep the arm and gripping tool still when not used

Available options

  • Rotating joint on the articulate axis
  • System lock for the lift capacity
  • Brake for up/down movement
  • Double braking force on the main and intermediate axis
  • Special painting
  • Sliding trolley

Pneumatic industrial manipulators PN Compatto with jointed arm fixed to an overhead rail Ceiling mounted model is also available.

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