INDEVA® Liftruck: Transpallet or lifting truck or order picker with an electronic manipulator Liftronic® mounted on it.

INDEVA® Liftruck  is an industrial manipulator that includes an order picker to carry the pallet with reels, an INDEVA® Liftronic® with articulated arm and an orbital tool head for handling reels. Necessary within the textile industry in the texturizing, spinning and weaving areas to load creels up to 5 m high with reels of max 40 kg . A single man can carry out the whole work cycle: collect pallets in the stock room and carry them up to the creel, place the spools on the creel prior 90° rotation, collect and carry all the tubes and partition carton blanks. The operator can quickly and precisely pick and release the reels, by means of the orbital tool head with expanding chuck . The release is allowed only when the reel is safely placed on the pin. The electronic balancer INDEVA®  grants a smooth, quick and precise reel handling.An INDEVA® Liftruck can be used also for handling cardboard cases by means of a vacuum gripper. 

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Main features

  • Max capacity: 50 kg
  • Max vertical stroke: max 3000 mm
  • Max lifting speed: 0,6 m/sec
  • Control: electronic – 24 Volt D.C.
  • Power consumption: 700 VA
  • Jointed Arm : Orbit-Arm®- possibility of custom arm lengths.
  • Gripping tool with orbital tool head and expanding chuck: equipped with reel barycentre adjust device and quick coupling device for quick chuck replacement allowing to handle reels with diameters ranging from 70 to 150 mm .
  • It is possible to use a vacuum gripper as end effector for handling cardboard cases.
  • Control panel: it comprises a direction indicator, a battery charge indicator, a steering wheel, control handle for back/forward moves, emergency stop.
  • Safety devices: a failsafe mechanic lock is triggered in the case of a power shortage and a brake limits the lowering speed of the motor.


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