End of arm toolings (EOAT) for Liftronic® Pro are designed using the INDEVA® MODULO concept and parts

Most of the end effectors or end of the arm toolings, designed for a Liftonic® Pro include industrialized parts and modules which are being used on all our end effectors, thus granting maximum reliability.

Most of the end effectors for a Liftronic® Pro is custom designed to suit specific requirements, but some applications are very common and allow the use of typical solutions for the end of arm toolings (EOAT).

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Following are the typical end of arm toolings for Liftronic® Pro

Orbital Tool Head


Liftronic® Pro can be equipped with the INDEVA® Orbital Tool Head complete with expanding chuck suitable for handling reels of yarns, film paper, etc…  as well as metal cylinders of different weights effortlessly.

Vacuum Grippers


An INDEVA®  Liftronic® Manipulator with a vacuum grippe offers the highest safety standard compared to any other lift equipment with a vacuum gripping system.

Custom Grippers


Scaglia Indeva boast great expertise and know-how in the design of custom gripping tools.