Liftronic® Pro can be supplied with an articulated arm fixed to the ceiling or to overhead rails.

Overhead rail  or ceiling mounted INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro with articulated arm. This solution is suitable when you can’t use any space on the floor for a column mounted solution or you need to cover a large area.

Photo Gallery Liftronic® Pro overhead arm:

• Auto-weight sense and auto-balancing
• Can be integrated with App-Indeva and INDEVA® Gateway
• Unparalleled safety
• Ergonomic design
• Bespoke gripping devices
• Compact and light
• Fast, responsive and precise
• Low carbon footprint

Max. gross capacity: from 80 to 320kg (weight of lifting tool included)
Power supply: 110/230 V-AC – 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: max 700 VA
Vertical stroke: up to 2.80m



Video Gallery Liftronic® Pro overhead arm:

Case histories Liftronic® Pro Overhead Arm:

Picking Area: moving 6 cases at a time effortlessly, quickly and safely

A Company in the beverage distribution business has installed 3 INDEVA® manipulators with jointed arms under 40 m. long overhead rail to move cases. Equipped with an easy-to-adjust lifting tool that allows picking from 1 to 6 cases a time. A pneumatic device for the automatic barycentre keeps the gripper in a perfect vertical position…